Identifying Off-Target Drug Interactions

Minimize side effects and identify new indications – coming January 2022

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A more thorough approach to pharmacodynamics

As part of the pharmacodynamic characterization of drugs for the FDA, it is important to know the mechanism of action and any off-target receptors. Off-target interactions can have the negative consequence of producing undesirable side effects, or the positive consequence of identifying new receptors, and thus indications for drug repurposing. Algorithms are commonly used to predict clinical off-target effects. Heligenics is taking the off-target investigation to the next level.

Five Facts

  • The FDA requires pharmacodynamics investigation
  • There is no systematic approach to identify which receptors are activated by a drug – until now with Heligenics’s receptor activation maps
  • Minimize cell toxicity and cross-reactivity
  • Investigation of Off-target interactions is required by the FDA
  • Drug repurposing is a common approach to expand markets

Finally, side effects of a drug can be identified and minimized

Guess off-target receptors for drugs with a computer or,

measure it with Heligenics

Discovering new drug targets can identify new indications and access to new markets increasing revenue

Many drugs target receptors. There is no broadscale systematized experimental approach to reliable test which receptors are targeted to activated by a drug. Heligenics has adapted its GigaAssay technology to probe the activation of most human receptors when a drug is applied to our cell library. This valuable information can be used to identify unwanted off-target interactions early in the pipeline, as well as new targets for repurposing drugs.

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